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Hide My Ip

Submitted by str33t on Fri, 2011-10-07 09:35.
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You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
There is a great high-speed premium service for just $7.00 a month that lets you use high- speed proxies with enhancements like 128-bit SSL encryption and firewall bypassing. The premium service is perfect for those who want to expand the program usage to e-mail clients and popular instant messenger clients.
The trial version allows only 1 anonymous IP to replace the current IP which isn't bad, but the software itself is heavily crippled allowing only 3 days of usage. On the upside, it is easy to activate by means of serial and costs just $29.95 to obtain a key.

Hide My IP makes the interface
surprisingly simple by putting all
the needed options on the main
window. There are only two
buttons, one leading to the
advanced settings and the other
responsible for hiding the IP
address. Even without changing
any settings you can quickly
start hiding the IP just by the
click of a button. The IP changes
in just a few seconds and
conveniently displays it on the
program window.
The system tray icon is a fine
addition with a great right click
menu allowing you to change
the IP or copy the existing one
on the fly.
It would have been a bit better
if the font of the IP address is
more readable and if the button
for hiding the IP address was
bigger and in the form of a
graphic. Otherwise the user
interface is great for any
newbie user.


Hide My IP isn't the most advanced solution, but it is a fully working anonymous solution that is lightweight and very easy to use. It contains all of the basic options and a couple of advanced options that you would expect from software of this nature, however it could be improved upon.