Replay Music Review

A software that will change your way to listen the online music

Submitted by shahidkhan9551 on Sat, 2011-10-08 14:45.
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Capture Music from any Web Site or PC Software by recording and save it to high quality mp3 music. tagging the song is automatically done.
when you start it the song which is being is played is saved automatically which means use of a lot of resources simultaneously.

Do you love to listen the music online and don't like the way the song are loaded again and again and you want to save the streaming audio to your computer.
Of course you will love to save the audio to the computer for future listening.
well here is the solution.
Replay Music from Applian Technologies, Inc.
I loved to listen online music and wanted to save the streaming audio on my computer for future listening. I tried many software but there were no software that fit to my criteria.Surfing on the web i found this magical software and try the demo version. firstly i was surprised from the results of this magical software.
this software can Capture Music from any Web Site or PC Software by recording it.
once the song is recorded it tags the songs Title, Artist, Album, Genre Automatically and you don't need to worry about the information about the songs.
now comes towards the output files created by this software here it also generates outstanding save high quality mp3 files to your computer.
it is great discovering new music and artist.
Replay Music is the only product that works with high quality online radio stations, music videos, MySpace and popular subscription music services, and any PC-based program.
it has general option like Edit Tracks, Delete Tracks, Play Track, Burn CD, and Settings. The application settings are pretty straight forward: input, track split adjustments, proxy options, and the ability to change the output bit rates.
one con of the software is that when you start recording you cannot do anything else. when you run this software the system responds like a single task computer where you can complete one task at a time.


try it and you love this will be forced to purchase it after trying it. try to buy it.