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Infix PDF Editor Review

Submitted by taamirplus on Sat, 2011-10-15 14:21.
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The first PDF word processor, PDF Editor Infix is a PDF to text in PDF using tools very familiar to everyone that uses a word processor to change. Infix PDF Editor was designed to perform various functions such as PDF editing, replacing images and re-writing text. Infix PDF Editor easily change the text in your PDF files to justify flow, fonts, colors and sizes. Infact the use of Infix PDF Editor make you avoid all this effort and just reuse your existing PDF. You can change not only the entire paragraphs with this PDF Editor, you can edit the text across all columns and pages. This programs just like professional quality software packages such as Adobe, etc, to ensure that your documents edited from its best side. Infix PDF Editor and enhance the built-in search and replace facilities, text flow around images in which you allow you to text to graphics, while retaining the original power flows around the shape based editing. The image replacement, you can also replace the existing image from your hard disk. I choose this Infix PDF, because there are more opportunities than any other exists, even more than the cost of Adobe


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