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Youda Fisherman

Submitted by barukalas on Mon, 2011-10-17 03:51.
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The pros for this game are: great animation, its free, great game play, and plenty of a challenge for those who like strategy-type games.
This game is not recommended for more experienced or intense gamers.

Youda Fisherman is a clever little game similar to most RTS games (Real time strategy). In the game you collect resources, trade said resources, and continue to upgrade your way to the top of the charts. Al in all the game is of a cleverly crafted form of strategy which allows you to combine newly created buildings with already existing facilities as you continue to to produce the needed resources to complete the specific task for the current level. In order to complete complex tasks, you can upgrade and build building which perform different tasks (Some do the same tasks but at a faster speed) which achieve the desired result of either, speeding up a process, or simply producing more efficiently. The game revolves around the fishing trade, and then allows you branch off from there. Anyone who has played any RTF game before (age of empires is a common one) will find this particular game an easy concept to master. This game is highly recommended for younger children, but should not be limited to the youth. This game has fun cartoon-like characters and game play, and is a healthy and good way to relax and let off some steam.


This game is perfect for children or adults who have plenty of free time on their hands.