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YoudaGames: Synapsis 2

Submitted by LuxusAnima on Mon, 2011-10-17 08:34.
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Graphics, Mind Boggling, Soundtrack and Confusion Level.
Displeasing amount of essential items were hidden and Imperceptible story line.

This strategy game drew me into it, due to my slight addiction to these types of games, there are codes to get through and mazes to follow, theoretical and real. I was slightly confused and there was some irregular movement with the graphics sometimes, but then again my computer gets rather hormonal. I was overall satisfied with the game, as the gameplay combined with the confusing nature of the game that sparks curiosity gave me quite a buzz while playing it. I loved the doorways and the effects with them, I must say I took a little too long in finding the password, but that is a good thing considering these kinds of games are all about utilizing what you have.

The ending was interesting, although it seemed so far away during the story line, if you could call it that. The soundtrack was pleasing to listen to during the process of the game and it really set the mood. The whole psychedelic colors along with the brain phenomenon confused me, I haven't gone back to play the first version of Synapsis before trying Number 2, which puts me at a disadvantage with the story, which is what needs to be made a little more obvious to players.


I was pleased overall with this, although it was confusing, I will pass that off as the mood of the game, which was well supported by the music I must repeat! Addicting, Awesome game.