CyberScrub Privacy Suite Review

CyberScrub-Very Useful

Submitted by R_RAHUL on Mon, 2011-10-17 09:22.
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The in built tools are the back bone of the software.Public places like cyber cafe where people come and browse internet with the help of this software cyber cafe people can help in providing privacy for the customers.Since this software wipes out all the cookies,temp files we can rest assure that everything's safe,also with the help of parental controls we can limit people from playing with our settings and security.The very user-friendly interface of the software helps people learn and use the software to the very best.People working as data entry operators can manage there resources and can also store or recover there deleted data to help there business do better.
Takes time to recover and wipe data,most of the tools need professional attentions

CyberScrub is very important software not only for very big establishment and organization ,but also for people who are running cyber cafes and carry out data entry work..


Over all good for people who wants everything do be very professional