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Youdagames: Deep and Blue

Submitted by jubi8 on Fri, 2011-10-21 18:25.
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Looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, calming. Free.
Point and click only, no dragging of objects.

When you open this game, you do not really know what to expect, but you soon find out. The controls and aim of the game is simple, point and click on objects around a whale, to attempt to clear the blocked path, the whale moving from right to left for the majority of the game.
If you take too long on some levels, a danger will approach (ie. sharks), or on some levels danger might be triggered by clicking something, and your whale will end up dead, this is however not a train smash as you can simply restart the level you were on.

This does not have to be a click on everything you can see game; a simple bit of observation will see you through most of the levels (or scenes), each presenting a similar problem, easily solvable.
This is a beautifully designed game, the artwork is exceptional, and while the music (piano) is repetitive, it is suitable. While the point and click leaves much to be desired, this game is a good 10 minute investment, especially if you are in a bad mood. The game is basically the story of 24 hours of this whale’s life, while touching emotionally on issues such as pollution, overfishing and trawling.

This game was designed entirely for the purpose of being emotionally moving, you really can see the world from this fictional whale's point of view. I have no significant criticism for it; it achieves what it sets out to do, although it is only mildly entertaining, it is worth playing.


A game that not only keeps you interested and mentally stimulated, but takes you on a journey. If ever you have 10 minutes, play this game.