Platypus Review

Platypus - Innovative Playdoh Fun

Submitted by Bartleby Chevenix on Fri, 2007-05-18 18:32.
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Brilliant visuals, decent soundtrack, solid gameplay
Soundtrack could be better, over sensitive controls

If you look up Platypus on the Internet it comes up with this term: A semiaquatic egg-laying mammal of Australia and Tasmania, having a broad flat tail, webbed feet, and a snout resembling a duck's bill. Also called duckbill, duck-billed platypus. But in this whole game, there isn't a single platypus! There's spaceships, playdoh, shiny stars and near as makes no difference a hundred levels. But no Platypus.

When I read about this game I wasn't sure whether to think it was good or terrible. The screens looked great but otherwise it seemed like a shallow shoot-em-up. Thank goodness I was wrong.

Platypus excels in nearly every category. Starting of with the visuals, I must say that Retro64 have gone for a very wierd but innovative styling that could rank up at the top of types of graphics like Cel-shading. The playdoh look is very effective and in a strange way also helps personify the locals in-game.

The music, although good, isn't quite as brilliant as the visuals. Platypus basically survives by sticking to the rules of Sci-fi games. The game had a synthesis, pop styled soundtrack that is bearable but unimpressive.

The gameplay of Platypus is typical side-scrolling shooting along with all the goodies. Thsi may sound like a bad point but thanks to the visuals, it does give the normally typical shoot-em-up a new lease of life. The controls are easy to use but I did have a few problems with avoiding enemies due to an over sensitive mouse setup.


Platypus is one of those games where it takes several normal things and combines them to make the whole package even better. Give it a shot!