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Digimond review

Submitted by Torp252 on Sun, 2011-10-23 08:12.
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Very fun tO watch
Bad graphics

From a gentle scene of snow falling on a log cabin to a raging hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic, Digimind has just about everything a person who wants a engaging screensaver could want. Albeit an age where not many people use screensavers anymore, Digimind plays more towards those who do, whether they be on a Mac OS or a Windows OS. In this specific review, I have tried the Tornado Storm 3D, Mild Winter 3D, and the Halloween Time 3D screensavers.
Vastly superior to the generic screensavers Windows computers, Digimind has crafted an appealing 3D scene that is mainly targeted towards the younger and older generations. There is not much to say about the screensavers themselves in a positive light, it is a matter of opinion based on whether you enjoy the scene or not. I suggest downloading said screensavers and trying them out before buying.
Despite being better than the generic screensavers that are ship with most PC's, I have encountered some fairly bad problems that even the company could not help me out with. These problems mainly are caused by poor optimization to meet the new standards of the tech scene. I run on multiple monitors and have just under top of the line for the current bases of PCs, and have encountered some deal breaking problems in my case. The Screensavers, despite having way outdated graphics by current standards, are poorly optimized for multi-threading as well as encountered some serious frame rate issues when no onboard video memory is available for use. Specifically on the Tornado Storm 3D Screensaver, frame rate is completely unbearable to watch, seeing as it stutters every couple seconds. Even worst, I attempted to render an HD video and walked away for a couple minutes when the screensaver popped up, and caused my computer to crash due to attempting to take up over 2gigs of RAM.....


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