Word Up Review

Word Up Review

Submitted by ajayshah2005 on Tue, 2011-10-25 17:30.
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The lowest price: 17$
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Increases Puzzle Solving Power and helps to find out jumbled words easily.
The Graphics of the game is not as thought.

The Word Puzzle Game which makes us go in the world of words is Word Up. It is an easy-to-install game, and playing it is very easy. The first time you play, you will be asked to enter your nick name. Then, you will be redirected to the Puzzle. You will be given certain number of words to find out. You can find the words by adjacently or diagonally to each other. When you find out any word, the Word Up button changes to Golden in color, and you need to click on it.

There are hazards (obstacles) in this game like bombs, TNT etc. which destroys the letter tiles. There are also power ups which gives you energy or advantage.

You can play in 3 game modes. First is Arcade, second is Strategy and the third one is Vanilla. In The Arcade game mode, you need to find out all the words in a time limit. In Strategy, there is no limitation of time, and is easy to play. In Vanilla, you are given easy words, with no time limits.

There are also High Scores of worldwide players. To see the worldwide High Scores, you need an Internet Connection. The high scores is divided into 3 Game Modes.


The game is well designed, and is easy and fun to play. I think you can spend a little money to play such a fantastic word puzzle game!