Ant War Review

Is it not what we all wanted to be?

Submitted by xamagodx on Sat, 2007-05-19 11:15.
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The lowest price: 17.99$
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-Fun gameplay -Options to choose -Rpg style game (with level up system)
-Poor graphics -Too addicting

I know you might be thinking right now in your head! ANTS? Why would someone want to make a game about ants? Well lets read on shall we!

Ant war is a game where you choose your type of ants and you make an ant hill and make sure you have the right amount of food and nest. Some ants will go out and fight. Through out the game you can collect Gems, with these gems you can upgrade weither to make more food per day, or even tell what the weather will be like tommorow.

The level up system makes you feel like your making alot of progress throughout the game. But after a couple level it doubles the amount of ants you need to level up and it takes way to long.

Your ants can grow into masive numbers as well. Once you have over 1,000,000(1million) ants you need to keep up with the amount of nest and that part can get a bit tricky to do. As well as with the gems you can buy additional ants which i find just a bit bogus.


Fun game overall, poor graphics that are addictive. Not sure if its the amount of money it says it is! But thats up to you!