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Ready to follow the quota if the Internet speed

Submitted by kikucan on Thu, 2011-10-27 15:13.
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Because it can be downloaded automatically
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when someone chooses to download the files that need the internet access software downloaders what is really in need if we compare with the facility to download the browser.

super bot software is very in need to download a file and some very nice features are summarized in this application.

with the contents of this application is very good as they are:

* Customizable download filters: file size, file type, location.
* Fast, multithreaded file downloads
* Support for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols
* Stop, resume and update individual file transfers and site copies
* Built-in password manager for copying protected sites
* Job queuing and automation

But if we compared it with some other software if the software is already able to compete?

There are several questions that exist in my brain ...

1. whether the software has been able to follow the existing speed internet access?

2. whether it can automatically download resume

thank you



This software is worth the try, but with the keluarkannya trial version to compare directly with other software downloads.