CoffeeCup GIF Animator Review

CoffeeCup GIF Animator For Your Webpage

Submitted by wolvie on Fri, 2011-10-28 10:18.
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It is not the best in market but still a very good for your general uses.
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This software allows you enter a new world of techno. GIF Animator makes it easy for you to create a more appropriate GIF animations, and also allows you to export them to Flash SWF... and the HTML code format. It is generated automatically through this software for easy insertion into any webpage.

This software supports excellent features like thumbnails with random sizes and dimensions, and you can easily browse in images from folder to this tool. Also helps you to convert JPG, BMP and ICO pictures into GIF automatically. It also easily make a high quality animated GIFs for your use in a few general steps and also allows you to quickly edit your current GIFs.


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