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Next generation hasslefree web designing tool

Submitted by prabha_malpani on Wed, 2007-05-23 08:14.
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Easy to use, very intuitive interface. The What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG - Wikipedia-style) is extremely useful for beginners as well as for professionals.
Does not have a script-editor, or some wizard-like stuff to write/edit scripts. Also built-in standard scripts are missing.

I am a web-designer and most of the times, I am "buried" in web-page designing tools, like Microsoft's Frontpage or Adobe's Dreamweaver. Believe me or not, I was scared of these tools in my early days, because one must possess the technical knowledge and have training to use these tools. I used to slog a lot to get hang of these tools.

But now, no more. Here is a tool which is so intuitive that anyone can start publishing web-pages within a few minutes! I really liked the look and feel of this tool. It is simple, yet powerful, loaded with many useful functionalities. The toolbar on left-hand-side is especially useful when you are drawing / modifying objects. The grid proves to be useful to properly align various objects (like textboxes, labels, command buttons, pictures) on the page. You can also snap these objects to the grid (this functionality was available till now in PowerPoint only)!

Other useful features include one-click adding of multiple pages, painless editing of objects, on-the-fly publishing (single or multiple pages or entire project), support for Special FX effects, and FTP support among others. Adding effects (like mouseover) was typically a cakewalk with this tool. Use of built-in templates helps an amateur to start building world-class pages without much hassle.

It's truly a tool for beginners (and of course for expert designers). One can quickly design & publish a world class site without much technical expertise.


Very simple, useful, intuitive, and hassle-free interface meant for beginners (!) and professionals also. It's value for money in true sense.