Word Up Review

Bored? Word up!

Submitted by BornaFana on Mon, 2011-10-31 14:09.
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Fun and educational for kids AND adults
Consistent game-play gets tiring and boring

W-o-r-d-u-p is the ideal game to play when you are bored or tired. W-o-r-d-u-p can be played by kids and adults as well. It improves your vocabulary skills, and it's fun at the same time!

This game is not perfect. However, it is still good enough and ready to be played at anytime. W-o-r-d-u-p gets your brain working and stimulates it. Bored at home? W-o-r-d-u-p! Taking a break from your studies or work? W-o-r-d-u-p! Trying to learn new words? W-o-r-d-u-p!
Since the game can be played online, you can compete with other players around the world. The game-play might be consistent but you can always enjoy the sweet sensation of Victory when you beat your high score!


Good game to play in your spare time, Recommended for all ages! Enjoy!