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Airport Mania: First Flight (Reflexive Games Review)

Submitted by lilaproductions on Mon, 2011-10-31 22:54.
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Simple, easy to maneuver, and fun to play!
Some may find the actions involved are repetitive even when the difficulty level increases.

Get ready to take flight and enter an adorable, fast paced, and somewhat addictive world revolving around airport control and customer satisfaction. Airport Mania: First Flight is without a doubt another smash hit for Reflexive Games.

In this game you become the air traffic controller, which essentially puts you in charge of how smoothly the airport runs. As the air traffic controller it is your duty to keep the airport running on time in order to ensure the satisfaction of your passengers. There are a total of eight airports that you are responsible for managing and if you have the iPad version of the game, like I do, there are a whopping total of 84 levels. The newest mobile phone version has a total of 56 levels for you to explore.

The goal of the game is to provide fast service in order to keep the airport running on a steady schedule. The harder you work and the more efficient you prove to be coincides with how many stars you will receive and how many levels you can advance to. This entails guiding incoming airplanes to a quick landing, rapidly refueling, and providing the airplanes with the appropriate maintenance. The better you control the airplanes the better your airport will run, and in return the more satisfied your passengers will be. The quicker you work the more passengers you can serve. The more passengers you get to their destination in a reasonable amount of time without any delays equals a higher satisfaction rating from them and a bigger payday. This is where the rating system comes into play. The system involves five stars, with one meaning you provided highly unsatisfactory service and five meaning you provided highly satisfactory service. The closer you can get to five stars results in more levels being unlocked. You can also earn medals by accomplishing new and difficult tasks, such as landing a new type of plane for the first time. You must also take into consideration outside factors, like the current weather condition or even upcoming weather conditions that may make air travel difficult. As you would expect the levels increase in difficulty, number of passengers, amount of airplanes, types of cargo being transported, harsh weather conditions, and higher number of mechanical problems.

Overall, this game is incredibly similar in design and objective to, Diner Dash. During game play you are given a set of tasks that you need to complete in order to get passengers on and off their flights. The faster you accomplish this the more passengers you can accommodate, which results in a higher profit. You can even earn upgrades that allow you to enhance the ability to manage the airport traffic. The design of this game is focused on simplicity. The graphics are clear and the setting is not too cluttered. The planes themselves have cute, whimsical faces. They remind me of, Thomas the Train characters in airplane form. The music is also not distracting. It sounds happy and has an almost blissful quality to it. Of course, you also have the option of turning off the music if you do not wish to play with sound effects. I will say that I personally enjoyed that this game responds to touch rather than arrow buttons or clicking a mouse. It has a very simple method of movement, clear graphics, and a color scheme that is easy to decipher. I have not yet experienced any technical difficulties with this game. It has not frozen my system up or caused it to act strangely in any way. The price of this game is also quite nice because you get a fun game for an incredibly small amount of money or even for no cost at all. This game is perfect for children as well as adults, and I guarantee you that you will become addicted to the fun challenges you will face. You will not stop until all of your passengers have safely reached their destination.


This is a fun, highly interactive game that involves great time management skills and quick thinking. It is well worth the price, and appropriate for children, teenagers, and adults.