Xeno Assault 2 Review

Best space shooter i have played.

Submitted by Manticor on Wed, 2007-05-23 22:05.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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easy to play, intense music, visually attractive, non stop action, addictive.
Relatively expensive, not enough weapons.

2d games have been left behind, but this one deserve our attention, the music is already submerging you to play in the moment you enter to the menu options, you can play with three different options; mouse, board, and joystick, easy to play and easy to upgrade your spaceship, you have many alternative weapons and this ones can be upgraded too.

Is typical in many aspects, in fact does not contribute anything new that others 2d spaceshoters have already presented in the past, but Xeno Assault II have fused the most popular alternatives, you can charge the laser beam, shot it with maximum force or do it rapidly with less destructive power, in all the game you have the opportunity to refill your shield, upgrade your basic weapon, and find at least four different types of alternative weapons (with the possibility of upgrade), of course if you have the reflects to take it from your enemy.

To be honest the half hour of free trial was not enough for me, it leave me seriously considering the idea to buy the game (normally i would say that 20 bucks for a 2d is too much, but this one could be an exception) is really addictive.


try it for half hour and you will want it for life, is the best way to kill free time.