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Youdagames: Sim Taxi 2

Submitted by cuinthecourt on Thu, 2011-11-03 11:29.
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graphics, easy controls,

Just like Sim Taxi 1 the concept is quite easy. Delivering the passengers to the destination they want, you have to look out not to damage your car, and you need to do it fast.

The differences with the previous Sim Taxi is the availability to continue to four more cities, that gives extend time to the time period of the game. Plus, new fancy buildings, vehicles, colors and music make it more enjoyable. Also there is the chose of Campaing and Free mode. In order to play Free mode, you have to finish campaing mode to unlock the codes for each city.

While playing you can have a look at the fuel and damage meters. Pressing the "R" button changes the music on your radio in case a passenger ask for it, and with the space bar you load fuel from a gas station. As fast you deliver the passenger to the destination you earn more money. You lose money though by refilling your taxi with gas or repairing it. Also, there is an indicator to know where is the destination the passenger needs to go at the current time.


A successful remake of the game with loads of new features that earn the choise of spending your time playing it.