PaintBuster Review


Submitted by Grigor on Sat, 2011-11-05 23:26.
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The lowest price: 35$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Powerful photo-retouching tools
Old fashioned interface

PaintBuster is a little more expensive than most of its rivals, but it is a powerful photo-editing program in the sub-$50 dollar category.
It can look a bit intimidating initially, because you get directly in the workspace without a welcome screen. The editing workspace has a lot of tools, so needed in the photo manipulation. There’s an odd mixtures of simplicity and complexity. It is good that the program attempts to cater for both beginners and more advanced users, but the end results in a something like a chaotic interface design.
Fortunately, the software has the help menu that is needed for the less experienced users.
The toolbars contains some of the basic editing tools including Select, Crop, Paintbrush and text. Running through the menu you can find other useful photo-editing features of the software as: contrast, brightness, saturation etc. In the software are included even image filters for sharpening, softening or blurring.
Photoshop provide all these features and even more but its more tightly organized interface keeps them tidily out of the way.
Finally the software provides even some automatic features like Red Eye Reduction, Scratch Removal that are very easy to use and of course very useful.
Every software out there, and so even PaintBuster has its own problems. The first time I launched the program on my computer, it freeze my computer screen and had to force close it.

Despites of the problems stated above PaintBuster still provide excellent value for money and it certainly can’t be compared to Photoshop that is a leader in software tools for photo-editing.


PaintBuster provides good photo-editing features