Site Spinner V2 Review

Site Spinner: Basic Website Design with Simplicity

Submitted by softwarereviewer2983 on Thu, 2011-11-10 00:17.
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Powerful design tools that are very easy to utilize.
A confusing interface that can require some time learning.

Site Spinner V2 is a relatively simple web design tool that can be used to create a basic website in a matter of minutes. Anyone can utilize the program to use some fairly powerful tools that can be utilized without requiring the knowledge of XHTML or CSS. The program is easy to use and is almost entirely driven by onscreen icons, functions, and drawing tools. In many ways Site Spinner operates more like a drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator than a typical WYSIWYG web design application.
Many traditional web design programs generally work more like a word processor and Site Spinner operates fairly well with this alternative approach. Designing a web page is simple, direct, and creative using the Site Spinner. Creating a very basic main page with graphics, site links, and text content took me about fifteen minutes after getting used to the interface. While more advanced web designers may find the program too simplistic and it might not be the best choice for complex sites, basic websites can be fully developed using Site Spinner. The one side is the program’s interface and learning curve.
Site Spinner has a confusing set of icons and functions that are not to intuitive at first. Fortunately it really doesn’t take a long time to figure out how the program operates. Creating a text box is easy as clicking on a text box icon and typing text. The text box can then be placed anywhere on the web page canvas. Images, lines, links, and other web objects can be added to the page with similar steps. Objects placed on the web page they can be easily moved or altered in shape using the transform tool icon. Media files such as sounds or music can also be added using the media icon. While there isn’t a real manual included with the program, each icon has its own mouse over description.
Site Spinner also offers many advanced functions such as basic web forms, tables, mouse effects, and HTML editing. The program also offers several functional preview modes that include popular web browser settings for compatibility testing purposes. A web page can be saved and published into a web directory on an FTP server or a local file directory. Web pages can be saved in HTML and SVG file formats.
In many ways Site Spinner approaches web design from a more creative angle than many more powerful web authoring tools on the market. Beginner or non-web designers may find Site Spinner to be a good design tool for is intended prose: designing basic web sites. Those that need more advanced features or wish to build more complex websites may need to look elsewhere. Anyone who wants to build a basic and functional website without knowledge of HTML can more than easily do so with Site Spinner. While some may need some time to get used to its interface and drawing approach to web elements, its basic operations are easy to learn. In the end Site Spinner is worth a look and is offered as a trial demo for 15 days.


Site Spinner V2 offers comprehensive tools that can be used to create a basic web site in minutes. Elements such as multimedia, forms, links, tables, and more can be added with a click of a button. More advanced web designers will find the program a bit simplistic and underpowered. Overall, Site Spinner is a good, basic web design tool for non web designers.