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SkyRama (First Game Impressions)

Submitted by SkaminTraX on Thu, 2011-11-10 03:30.
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Free Game, Good looking
Slow first time charging, Some Bugs, Low Res laptops not good

SkyRama is a single player game, it is really a good looking game that can entertain you for a couple of days. I've been playing this game for a couple of days and I found that it have some bugs such as the menu(Not showing and going blank). It isn't really favorable for 11" or low screens or laptops size just because of the fact that you can't really see all the things at the same time.

Although the game SkyRama isn't as favorable to low inch laptops, it is a good game that you can enjoy from old persons to 7yrs old or lower children. Furthermore this game gives you all the important keys to success in this game and also to have a good game environment, And Good graphics.


To Conclude, This game is have good graphics and also a killer-time type can but it could be a very enjoyable game and also give you the way to success by help pop outs.