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Submitted by OOOO on Tue, 2006-02-07 10:37.
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MorphBuster has a low learning curve and you can start morphing images right away.
You have to save deformed images prior to playin the animation or you lose it.

MorphBuster has recently undergone a minor “interface surgery” and became quite a bit more useful. Besides getting rid of tabs, the program now features real-time review. MorphBuster is probably one of the easiest morphing software to use.

Basically, what you need to do is to select initial and final images and set the delay, and the rest is done automatically. If necessary, you can apply and edit key dot’s to tweak with the resulting image.

What I really like about MorphBuster is that you can save your work in a variety of formats - BMP, PNG, JPEG and TIFF (images) and AVI, Animated GIF and Shockwave Flash (animation).

Another option I really enjoy is called Deformer, and it does what it says – deform pictures and makes them funny. And it always helps to have basic editing options handy (I mean cropping, resizing, and adjusting color level tools). One minor gripe is if you don’t save the deformed image, prior to playing the animation, you’ll lose the image. Shouldn’t there be a warning window to warn me first, before I proceed?


MorphBuster is a cool and inexpensive tool for home made morphing and animation. I don't think that desingers would go wild about it, but regular folks like me certainly enjoy this little nifty tool.