Alien Shooter Review

A Fun, Classic 2D shooter

Submitted by softwarereviewer2983 on Sat, 2011-11-12 03:08.
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Addictive game play matched with and easy to use interface make the game a nice niche shooter.
Some may find the 2D graphics a bit of a turn of.

When I first loaded Alien Shooter, I was struck by how easy it was to become addicted to the game. The simple game play mechanics make it incredibly easy to get right into the mix of things. The premise of the game is simple. The main character basically shoots anything that moves, collects ammo, and explores new areas while trying to stay alive.

The game is filled with alien creatures that need to die Fortunately killing the creatures is easy with a wide assortment of guns, ammo, and other items. Some creatures are easier to kill than others. Then there are swarms of creatures that come out of the woodwork. Becoming a successful killer requires awareness of the character's physical surroundings. It often works out best to maneuver creatures into marching through a small passage way or room to avoid being overrun. In several locations there are large guns that can do a great damage.

The graphics are basic 2D animations. This makes the game easy to run, even on older PCs. Those looking for the most up to date 3D graphics will need to look elsewhere. However, this basic 2D presentation scheme works well with clearly presented onscreen elements and creatures. The sound is also fairly basic but usable for auditory cues.

Anyone that likes basic shooters without a long learning curve should enjoy Alien Shooter. The game offers a basic premise of an action shooter without the need to own a powerful PC to be run.


Alien Shooter offers a solid action shooter that does not require a monster PC to run. Its simple game play mechanics make the game easy to get into. Gamers looking for a break from today's mega games can enjoy the game's action oriented game play without having to think.