StickyNote Review

Better Than Notepad and RTD

Submitted by faivin14 on Sat, 2011-11-12 15:55.
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easy to use and always available. ready-to-send throughout the net. colors can help confusion.

All of the things we search through the internet is loader with information and together with that we can't deny the fact that we need to memorize some of the sites or even accounts we made for every sites we visited.

StickyNotes: This application really helps those people who does love to make research and memorizing some loaded stuff that cant fit to their brains, the colors of every note is helpful though it makes the user recognize the content or the information they posted on the note, this is by the help of the colors of the notes.

Another cool feature of this application is, you can easily send it through internet without hassle and straight to your recipients email addresses.

It's alarm system is useful because it navigates to the time and date you specified to put and keep you in time.

and lastly and the most cool feature is the availability of this application, this is always available because you can put it anywhere in your desktop so that you don't need to open it or relaunch it if you need to look up what you have been posted.


This application are suitable to everyone inside home that are using the pc and surfing the net for it is a good tool to remind or temporarily post your info. you want to. and no more memorizing needed just stick it to the note.