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EASY TO USE: (but) Need more updates!

Submitted by faivin14 on Sat, 2011-11-12 16:24.
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The lowest price: 21.6$
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Very Easy to use, lightweight software, perfect for presentations, packed with usable tools and effects, and easy to use interface.
it still needs updates and advancement. need to create timeline for every slides.

MySlideShow - A very light software that has no harm to your computer, with this software you can manipulate still images with sounds and music files that corresponds to the photo and slides you are creating.

The caption feature allows you to insert text into slide or through the photo as an additional design.

Another is the image transitions, although it has only limited transitions, it is still very useful for entertainment because of its animated movements and it is catchy and cool to the viewer.

And lastly, if you are satisfied with all of the deigns and done improvising your slideshow you can save as standalone video which is one-click-play with associated as .exe file. or if you want to convert it to other video formats like 3gp, mp4, avi. and others you can save it as MPEG video file type for extended entertainment, and if you want to have it as a video collection, MySlideShow has a capability to save it or burn it directly to CD using your available CD-ROM.


MySlideShow is a user friendly presentation software that enables the user to create and combine still images with sound and music files. Save it to your computer of directly to the CD and play it with your CD/DVD player.