BrickShooter Review


Submitted by amanapart4utoo on Sat, 2011-11-12 17:53.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Easy and Simple but not so attractive to play and sound which is play by background is a little bit boring also.

Top Five Features:
Some very interesting puzzles, not your common type of puzzles.
Many different colours which will get you into the game.
You can save your game at any time and play when you have enough spare time.
Several updates to add to your game, which will give you tons more puzzles.
You can save you scores and make it to the hall of fame.
Ease of Use: Not a hard game to play at all, you only need to pick a brick to shoot to the centre of the screen by clicking on it with your right hand mouse button. You simply choose which is the best block option for you to choose, and send it to the centre of the screen. It is no problem to control this bricks.

Help and Support: There is a help menu icon in the main screen of the game and you can also find another help icon, while you are playing the game. The guide tells you how to play the game and where to contact technical support of needed.

Summary: A very unique puzzle solving game. In brick shooter you actually shoot the blocks from the sides of the screen to the centre of it. When you start the game, you will find some bricks lined up in the sides of the screen, each brick has a different colour and you must send to the centre bricks with similar colours. In Brick Shooter you must line up three bricks of the same colour at the centre of the screen, the formation does not actually need to be a line, but the bricks must be colliding with each other. You can send bricks of different colours to the centre of the screen, to get to the bricks you need behind them, but be careful if you send to many unlike bricks to the centre you will lose. You must also worry about the time clock which is running out; you must complete the necessary groups of bricks to complete the level before the time ends. Brick Shooter is a unique game, shooting the bricks from one place to another is quite fun and the graphics are very good. You can also enjoy some exciting music while you play, which will make your sense of time go even faster. After you have become an expert in Brick Shooter you may want to try and reach the first place in the hall of fame, here you will find the highest scores of all times. Brick Shooter also gives you the opportunity of saving your games for a later time, sometimes you may get a little bit tired or need to do something else, and this feature will let you start over where you left off. Brick Shooter is an addictive game and it is also very original.


It looks like another one of those freeware games, it's not worth 17.95 dollars.