Enigmo Review

An attractive puzzle game!!!

Submitted by SolidifiedPanda on Sun, 2011-11-13 23:32.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Amazing graphics, beautiful sounds, easy to use

Enigmo, a game that might bring puzzle gaming back in to the spotlight.

The games top class physics engine and easy to use controls make a proper tutorial no longer needed. The game is easy to learn and has a very good difficulty progression throughout the levels that challenges the player without making playing the game frustrating.

The most outstanding part of the game is the graphics, the game is attractive to the player which is normally not the situation in many modern puzzle games.

The game also has very pleasant and relaxing sounds which adds to the games overall beauty.

The only flaw with Enigmo is the price, it is a little too expensive for most casual puzzle game players, but for the more serious players it is well worth the money.


This game could bring puzzle gaming back into the popular gaming industry. Overall it is a beautiful, calming game with excellent replay value.