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Dating a girl is more easy than you thought.

Submitted by cuinthecourt on Tue, 2011-11-15 16:31.
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* no many games with the same concept
* big time period between songs * pathetic background and midi melodies * repetitive gif animations and quotations

Whether you are in a period of a big crush, or if you are interested in playing the piano, or if you are just fond of listening to some good old songs, there is no chance to avoid this game.

The concept is really cute. You will have to attract a woman's attention in a bar by playing the piano, as good as you can. To have the total taste of the songs, are listed below in order of appearance:

1. Imagine all the people - John Lennon
2. The water is wide - Traditional
3. Titanic - Celine Dion
4. Against the odds - Phil Collins
5. Danny boy - Traditional
6. Amazing grace - Traditional

Concerning the fact you might think that a basic musical acknowledgment would be helpful, i assure you, you don't need to have any worries about it. The paying method is very simple, you just type down on your keyboard the music notes shown on the screen (are mark with the keyboard letters), at the right time. And that's it!

The worst fact on this game that made me furious, is the ending.
During the game you do your best to succeed your purpose, using all you skills; and concentration, to come up with this words: " Well, it was a great night, thank you piano man. will i see you again?"arghhh..


If there will be any progress with the ending, some more strategy and attractive graphics, i will have Piano Bar 2 in mind.