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Youda Marina - Harboring a lot of fun!

Submitted by YoeriGod on Tue, 2011-11-15 18:13.
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- Game for the entire family - Casual - Pleasant graphics - Good guidance - Rewarding
- Translation errors may be annoying/confusing - The full version is not free - Game-play is the same throughout the game, barely any new challenges arise whilst playing.

Youda Marina is one of those games that's great to spend a little time with, and play casually. You start out with a small harbor, and with the help of a grande entrepreneur, you're meant to grow to a booming business.

The game explains itself quite well, before playing you have to complete a small tutorial, and you'll roll into the game in a matter of minutes.
Once you've started, the games gradually becomes more fast-paced, and you really have to keep a close eye on what's going on all over your harbor, and the sea surrounding it.

Note: So-called 'hard-core' gamers will not like this game, it's a casual game designed for family use.


I recommend this game for families with younger kids, or single moms that like to play a casual game every once in a while. The game is good overall, but only a small amount of people will truly enjoy it.