Dungeon Scroll Review

Dungeon Scroll Wants You To Like it but...

Submitted by Flashbak300 on Wed, 2011-11-16 09:39.
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Captivating, Appeals to Scrabble players and RPG players alike, Fresh new type of gameplay
Lacks a story, Repetitive after a few dungeons

Dungeon Scroll has an amazing concept on paper. A variant of Scrabble mixed with Role Playing Games; what's not to like?! Well, for one, Role Playing Games usually have character driven story lines. This game does not. You play as a mystery man(or woman), crawling through dungeons fighting various monsters such as spiders, trolls and skeletons but are never given a reason for why you are doing so. The game completely missing the entire point of "dungeon crawling".

However, Dungeon Scroll excels at appealing to the inner Scrabble player within. By adding the word creating game play we all know and love and crossing it with special power ups to ward off the evils you face, it seems to captivate even the most doubtful of skeptics.

The monsters grow increasingly harder as the player progresses with each dungeon and there are even a few boss monsters too! However, due to the lack of a plot in the game, there is nothing to keep Dungeon Scroll from growing repetitive the more one plays it. That seems to be its biggest flaw.


While Dungeon Scroll is captivating at first, over time, it becomes a grind.