HDD Regenarator Review

HDD Regenarator for my 320 Gb ASUS Laptop

Submitted by markphil on Thu, 2011-11-17 17:25.
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The scan process is fast while revealing all the possible bad sectors of my hard disk drive. It has also a small file size about 6.4 megabytes which make me never bother about large amount of hard disk space for this software.
The bad side about HDD Regenarator is when it comes to recovering those scanned bad sectors of the hard disk drive, it gave me head ache of waiting for hours. However, I believe that this is because of my 320 gigabyte capacity hard disk drive. Another thing I didn't like is its simple and pale graphical user interface. I know that GUI sacrifices for the storage and speed of the computer but too much low GUI is not really good for me.

I must admit that the hard disk drive of any computer system is one of the most important and critical hardware parts among other peripheral devices attached. I have mentioned critical because this is where our sensitive and important files are stored.

The hard disk drive basically does all the read and write of data operations within the computer system. This is the device where we save our data and install our important software applications. However, there are times that this device could meet its failure. The bad thing is, hard disk failure usually happens without any signs or warnings.

This could be a head ache if happened unexpectedly unless if you created a backup for your files stored it the hard disk. Instead of accepting the hard disk failure there is still a way to recover bad sectors of most hard disk drives in a computer. This is by using a software called HDD Regenerator. From the name itself, it effectively regenerates or repair the bad sectors which could lead to total failure of the hard disk drive.

I tried this software using its trial version to my ASUS K40IJ laptop with 320 Gigabytes capacity of hard disk storage. Before I don't really have the idea about utility software for maintain the computer system. HDD Regenarator offered me the hope to still possibly repair a failing hard drive.


Overall, I still found it helpful to my laptop computer even thought I have waited too long, the most important thing for me is it did really fixed an error to my hard disk. This is good for users which are new to computers.