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Submitted by na07veen on Fri, 2011-11-18 07:31.
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*nice graphics and audio quality *challenging
*cars moves rather slow *loading takes quite a while
Review: presents the new online game 'PARKING'. The game is designed as a stimulation for parking without crashing other vehicles. The driver should park his car done within the given time or he'll lose. After every round, the time decreases and that means you should be a pro parker to succeed to the next one. The game is quite exciting because of the nice graphics and audio quality and also the challenge is as tough as counter strike. Don't think its easy to park your car when there are number of cars parked so closely and you lose points everytime u carsh another vehicle!!Overall, this game is exciting and challenging.


PARKING is a perfect game to relax yourself when you're in tense and it's worth trying.