Dropheads Review

An Interesting and Entertaining Game

Submitted by Arjun Sharma on Sun, 2007-05-27 19:01.
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Great gameplay, lots of different games, amazing for passing time
Leaves you wanting for even more

Dropheads is one of those games where you don't think you'll enjoy it, and soon you realize that an hour has passed and you didn't even notice. It's an interesting game where you have to match the "Dropheads" in groups of four or more to get to the next level.

While the premise seems simple, AlwaysNeat has created a fascinating game with many different facets. There are the more old-school classic games, and newer puzzle games.

The installation was easy, and the game provides lots of help if you are confused about something. Surprisingly, it doesn't get repetitive, and proves to be worth the money.


An amazing game well worth the price.