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Christmas Time 3D Screen Saver Review

Submitted by jules on Tue, 2011-11-22 23:17.
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Brings some holiday joy. Music makes it come to life.
Looks aren't spectacular.

A 3D screen saver of a house covered in snow with a snowman and a christmas tree outside. The view moves in from above while festive music plays. The scenery is gray except for the brightly-colored christmas tree and it starts off at a different location each time. As a bonus the time is visible in the corner of the screen.

It's easy to install and the settings allow you to program the amount of snow and the wind speed. It takes a moment to load when it activates. The main thing the paid version offers is uninterrupted use of the screen saver. The trial version makes this offer pop up after 60 seconds, killing the christmas mood.

It costs 9.95 which is a bit excessive for a screen saver but I could imagine the value of owning it during the holiday season for a shopkeeper with computers in the store.


Does a fair job of providing christmas spirit. Settings don't add much extra and the graphics could've been better. The music makes up for it.