WinUndelete Review

A Costly Blessing

Submitted by KanishkT on Sun, 2011-11-27 06:54.
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The lowest price: 44.95$
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The software has an amazing User Interface, neat and clean, without any clutter, or unnecessary padding attached. It runs on the bare bones of system memory, taking very little space,or RAM.
It costs a little too much, and at 45$, may be a little bit more than most people are willing to spend. It's also quite slow, taking upto five minutes to catalog files, and even longer to recover large documents.

WinUndelete™ helped me out in a really tough spot. Data which was crucial to my job had been deleted just a few days ago because of McAfee Antivirus, and I was slaving over my laptop struggling to do it again in time for the deadline. This software saved my life.
First, the User Interface. While some may find it bland, I personally feel that it is a simple, no-frills attached interface, which avoids the cluttered look found in many freeware options. The interface is simple enough to help locate any options or files one may like, but the Search option is slightly slow. Which brings us to speed.
WinUndelete™ too a couple minutes to open, and a further five before it could catalogue all the files meant for recovery. This didn't affect me too much, but for those who need it in a tight corner, it may be just a little too slow. The Search option is, as mentioned previously, slow, and takes ages to run.
As for the actual function, WinUndelete™ definitely recovers any files it can find, but, quite often, it cant find files I deleted just a few days ago. A word of advice, folders will NOT show up, as WinUndelete™ separates all the components before actually displaying them. It takes a few minutes for file recovery, but unlike some of the freeware tools I could name, the recovered file is never corrupt, or broken. In fact, it shows no signs of ever having been deleted in the first place!


In conclusion, WinUndelete™ is a solid piece of software in my book. Sure, the price is a little much, clocking in at 45$, but for the effectiveness of the software, I think its a good investment. In case this is too much, there are freeware alternatives you can try, such as Undelete Plus, and TOKIWA DataRecovery.