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Submitted by mvkwong on Wed, 2011-11-30 00:00.
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Good, fitting music Purchase store upgrades with money earned
No difference from other games

YoudaSushiChef (which I will abbreviate to YSC) is a mediocre game. It comes from the somewhat worn out time-management game category. There have been a few games with the theme of running a sushi shop and this is very similar. There's nothing that really makes it stand out from the others, but it's not a bad game either. YSC, like many games similar to it, gets boring over time. Each stage/day adds on some new recipes to be memorized and ups the ante. However, the in-game "day" moves by rather slowly which makes the first few levels quite a drag. As expected, the first few levels are easy and have the three typical sushi recipes that almost all sushi restaurant games do. Then it gets harder; more demanding customers, more recipes, and more slip-ups are bound to occur. There is a nice, small deviation from the norm. After each level/day, you're allowed to use the money you earn from the previous level to buy upgrades. These can be very useful later on. From what I can recall, none of the sushi restaurant games I've played have really had this feature which makes it a nice, small surprise. The graphics are decent. The characters don't have much detail, but it's not that important. The sushi shop also lacks detail, but once again, not too important. It's just a personal thing, but the fact that the customers in the game have four fingers looks a bit off-kilter. Once again, just a personal thing and nothing important. The music is quite nice; it has an East Asian style which perfectly suits the game. It doesn't seem to repetitive and is pretty melodic - a great change from the annoying, synthy loops used in other time-management games.


YSC is easy to catch on to like many other time-management games. For those who have had their share of these types of games, especially ones with a sushi restaurant as the main centerpiece, will find this isn't anything special. Those who aren't accustomed to these types of games will probably get bored with this quickly, as well. There's only so much diversity that can be added in a game genre that's been played time and time again, but YSC makes a good attempt.