3D Live Snooker Review

Care for a Snooker Game?

Submitted by VMK_Reviewer on Thu, 2011-12-01 11:27.
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Easy gameplay, network playing, customiztion features
Choppy animation, mediocore physics, not for hardocre snooker players

Today we review Etiumsoft's 3D Live Snooker game. Etiusoft has been around since 2001 making some interesting mini games such as Pacman 3D, Super Solitaire, Castle Wars and others.

When starting the game the Quick Menu appears where you can decide about the game type (mini, short, full), your opponent(computer or human) and the level of difficulty (basic, normal, expert, master and champion). There's also the Network Play meny where one can join an online game and play against other snooker players around the net. Graphics details, sound issues, ball speed and hints can be controlled via Prefernces menu. There's also a very comprehensive Help menu where you can learn the controls and other stuff.

Graphics are good but simple, sound is decent, animation is quite choppy though and this may frustrate you.
Gameplay is good. It's very easy to play. More specifically, Aim Adjusting is done by moving the mouse left or right, view raising by moving the mouse back and forth. Shooting is done by holding the ctrl key and moving the mouse back and forth.

The game can be characterized as a Snooker simulator but don't expect a high end, state of the art simulator. Seen better physics in other similar games but it's quite playable.


Final words: 3D Live Snooker is as simple as it can get with nice environment and good gameplay. Practically it's a good coffee break game but hardcore snooker players will find very light and low challenging.