Ant War Review

Ant Wars: A waste of memory.

Submitted by duncancolvin on Fri, 2011-12-02 18:57.
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The lowest price: 17.99$
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One hour freeware; Simple, easy to learn; Open to all ages.
Horrible Graphics, Repetitive, No actual game play, The simplest game structure in the world, No story line, The List goes on.

Basically this game only has a purpose if you have some time to kill, and have watched every movie and/or show you can think of, out played all your games, and are against Facebook; In resumé Ant Wars really isn't worth wasting anytime on. How could they put a price on this game?
Mildly distracting at best, I could see some minor success as a possible unlimited freeware edition (with maybe one ad. to generate income). This game is worth no more!
You proceed through a series of badly thought-out stages, where (as you advance in the game) the difficulty increases (=the random things that can happen to your ant hill increase in number). Every three seconds or so you're brought back to a status screen where you must divise your ant army into workers, gatherers, nurses, fighters. And of course your job- as ant hill leader - is to find the perfect combination of these four classes. You can also upgrade your ants (class specifically) with certain rather comical (in a very "ha..." way) items such as a milk bottle for the nurses to increase ant multiplication rates. You do this with gems you get from completing stages... How original.


Ant Wars as a whole is extremely repetitive, the graphics could be run on a Super Nintendo (with ease) and the general concept is very basic. I guess to not be completely negative; This game has some (scarce as it may be) value, if you have twenty minutes to an hour to spare and litterally no idea what to do with your time... Then, no still don't play Ant Wars. Go walk in the rain. Go join the millions on Facebook/blogs, but do not DO NOT download this pathetic excuse for a marketable game. Freeware: 4/10 - if it was unlimited, but seeing as the free version only lasts one hour: 1/10. Full Version: -3/10, yes this game is fully capable of being graded in the negative; there are just so many games out- old and new that dominate this simplistic divertisment of a game. The fact that a buyable edition even exists begs the question: Who in their sane mind would actually pay for this nonsense?