BadCopy Pro Review

A Handy Recovering Software!!!

Submitted by me.prabeg on Fri, 2011-12-02 22:08.
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The lowest price: 35.55$
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handy tool, effective, good user interface, worth the price.
For this price there's none.

I actually bought this software for as to recover my scratched DVD's which was very important to me. It was effective and it recovered almost all of my files. I then explored the whole software and found that its a handy tool and it can be used not only for recovering bad and damaged disks but it can also be used to recover deleted, formatted, corrupted disks too.

It could be used for flash drives, floppy disks, hard drives and many other storage devices. It recovers files by scanning through sector by sector and recovers the data. It's user interface is user friendly and using it is like walk in a park. The best part about user interface is that it gives warning's, hints, tips etc to help the user.

It is tiny tool of only about 900 KB and yet it is powerful. It has helped me a lot to recover my important data's . But once, I tried this tool with a badly scratched CD and It recovered almost all files but I found errors on those files. so I found that this tool is not sufficient for professional recovering. But for a price of 35 dollars this tool is awesome.


Tiny yet effective and handy tool. Worked like a charm for me and worth the money.