Age of Castles Review

Not Quite Up To Par

Submitted by meiley on Sat, 2011-12-03 04:46.
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Easy to use
After more than thirty minutes it's too simple.

Age of Castles, from an outside perspective isn't horrible. It gives the impression that it can in fact be interesting. An for first thirty minutes or so it can keep you rather entertained. You're able to run a kingdom with five choices on whom you want to use as king.

You control where you want your money to go towards; from Merchants, Builders, Soldiers, and Clerics. You decide what is worth your hard earned gold. It's a very simple game with very simple strategy.

So you're if you're looking for a very interactive and entertaining role playing game, this is definitely not for you. It is dull and unchanging and all you really do is divvy up the duties before pressing the 'Start Day' button.

It begins and than it ends.

So if you're interested in wasting twenty or so minutes of your time, than I recommend purchasing this game, but if you're looking for something interesting that grabs your attention. This is NOT the game for you.


I wouldn't recommend this game.