HDD Regenarator Review

A HDD's bad sector Repairer!!!

Submitted by me.prabeg on Sun, 2011-12-04 17:53.
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Very Helpful, Really Works, Easy to Use, Economic for its work.
A bit slow process.

I had damaged my Toshiba Hard disk and I searched the ways to repair it. I found HDD Regenerator. It scanned every sector of my HDD and found many bad sectors especially in Master Boot Record's sector. It also repaired the bad sector's but it took me almost 25 hour's to complete the process.

This program really worked for me though I was not expecting more from it. It saved my 250 GB Toshiba hard disk. And loved its features as it can be used to remove bad sectors of any removable devices. Its user interface is quite better and any one can use it because of hints and tips given in it.

But I experienced a problem that it just scans every device I connect to computer and delays my work. It made my USB wireless router to crash. Thus it is better to install it only when needed.


A great tool which helped to save my hard disk and my expenses too for a new hard disk.