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Youdagames Roads of Rome 3

Submitted by andreibrk on Sun, 2011-12-04 19:46.
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dynamic game , pretty good grapichs , not complicated
it gets boring , same strategy for every level

Hi everyone ! I present you the review for Roads of Rome 3 a mini game from Youdagames.
As we all know the internet is full of mini games some of them are very simple but yet addictive like Zuma (in my case) but some of them aren't that good even tough there are more complex and with better graphics and sound. Road of Rome 3 is unfortunely on the second category. I personally got bored after 10 minutes of playing it.

Road of Rome 3 has one main task to complete and some other mini quests that changes with every level. So every level you get a map full of burning buildings and trees, a big road full of obstacles, poisoned water etc , you have a camp with one worker that can do only one action at a time then he needs to return to the camp waiting for your further commands. To assure your victory you have to move fast and gather resources to repair other buildings and then you need more resources to finish your main task and the secondary ones all of this before the time runs up . Your main resources are
wood, stone, food, water, gold ; sometimes you get plenty of them from the begining but sometimes you will find out that you lack wood or food and you need to focus to get your stocks filled up. As you progress you will find more buildings to repair that will come very handy and you will also get more workers.

Your main quest is to rebuild the "road of rome". This road can have different size holes, fallen trees, snow , some fire obstacles etc. The other quests are quite annoying sometimes because you focus on repairing the road and forget about them and your time runs up. For example i totally forgot to purify a poisoned water that was placed in the bottom corner of the map I didn’t even knew it was there.

So let me present you a tipical level of this game:
-extinct the fire from Sawmill
-repair Sawmill
-get wood
-repair Pumping Station
-get water
-extinct the fire from Farm
-repair Farm
-get food
-extinct fire from road
-extinct fire from Quarry
-repair Quarry
-get stone
-repair the rest of the road with stone
-finish other quests


The game has good grapichs and sound and what I liked about this game that it’s very dynamic you don’t have time to wait not even a moment, you continually need to put your workers to gather resources to repair buildings to repair the road and you need to find out the best strategy for the quickest victory. But after I played a while I found out that every level needed the same strategy. Repair Sawmill, Pumping Station and Farm if you hurry with those three the victory is yours, and that is how i got bored. Maybe I get bored too fast but this game isn’t as good as I expected. I haven’t played the other Road of Rome games but honestly these kind of games aren’t for the ones that like originality with each level.