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Stand O Food 3

Submitted by mvkwong on Mon, 2011-12-05 23:00.
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Good music, good graphics, many upgrades, mini-games, many levels
Some expensive upgrades

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of time management/simulation games on the internet, on iOS devices, and Android devices. Some stand out and some are forgettable. Stand O Food 3 is one of the better time-management games. You are in charge of a fast food chain and there are levels in each store that you go through. The restaurants get progressively more complicated with more things to serve and more burger/sandwich combinations are requested. The main game deviates from time to time to short mini-games. These keep the game refreshing and don't let it get too monotonous and boring. There is also an abundance of upgrades available after each completed level. The selection pretty much remains the same and you use your earned money to purchase the upgrades. The game's graphics and background music are excellent.


Stand O Food 3's presentation is excellent. The game provides a lot of interesting aspects to keep players hooked.