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HDD regenarator life savour

Submitted by seriousguy on Thu, 2011-12-08 19:55.
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Windows XP would hardly run on my laptop. It kept dropping the ATAPI driver back into PIO mode, indicating massive hard drive errors. In PIO mode it could take many minutes to respond to a simple mouse click. I knew I needed a new hard drive, but couldn\'t afford both SpinRite AND a new
hard drive. HDD Regenerator saved my life. It fixed all 220 bad sectors and now Windows runs perfectly. It sounded like voodoo to me, but given the hysteresis involved with magnetic media (the basis for it\'s memory storage), the technique HDD Regenerator uses sounded at least plausible. And it worked! A new hard drive is on the way, and I have total confidence in being able to clone my current drive. I recommed doing a scan first. It goes much faster if you boot from the CD you create (easily!) with HDD Regenerator -- this elininates all OS overhead and works directly with the hardware, regardless of what OS you are using. If the drive is really, really bad when you scan, you might do more damage than good when trying to repair it.