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OJOsoft Total Video Converter

Submitted by JWFox on Fri, 2011-12-09 04:57.
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User-friendly,standard functions,wide variety of video formats
Visually unappealing,"Help" button drop down menu for online help was unavailable.

Problem free download and installation. The program has a simple user-friendly interface. There are very standard features such as inputting the video you want to convert by using the "Browse" button. The program has obvious buttons to choose which format you want to convert to. There are numerous options and within those option are subcategories to choose in order to convert the best format for things like IPods, YouTube, DVD's, HD 1080p etc.. The converting action is fairly quick and problem free and upon completion gives users the option to open the new file. The newly converted file has no noticeable degradation as expected.This is a fine program for basic video converting although the "Help" button drop down menu for online help was unavailable.


The convertor is easy to use and has many options for your specific format needs with it's best feature being HD video conversion.