Cute Reminder Review

Good at what it does

Submitted by mark_of_insanity on Mon, 2007-05-28 11:54.
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Intuitive, cute layout, simple formatting and free to try.
Not needed by the majority of computer users.

When I downloaded this software, my first impressions were positive. Despite the doubt that this program was needed, I was impressed. With colourful, simple stylings and an intuitive layout, CuteReminder shows itself as a useful program for busy workers without advanced computer skills. The quick access panel, the most used feature, can be moved to any border on the screen, allowing for quick and easy access that doesn't interfere with the programs that you are running.

One thing I picked up on quite quickly was the fact that is cute. As cute as it may be, I instantly wondered to myself whether this was a needed feature. A program of this nature would be best suited to being preloaded on a ready made computer as part of the software, in perhaps a more professional skin and approach. However, the need for a program such as this will lessen in the coming years as more people are becoming computer handy. The older generations, in contrast, may find this a useful program to have installed.

Reminders can be set for a predefined time period with ease. When the reminder shows itself, a small reminder sign will pop up and give a small description of the reminder.

The Ideas button, represented by a bulb on the quick access panel, allows a user to store an idea that will represent itself in a few days (the default number of days being three).
The formatting is similiar to the reminder notes, but in a different colour. Ideas can be postponed or deleted.

On the whole, I found reminders to be more useful than ideas, but that is what the program is designed for. There are recurrent reminders, schedules, history and preferences availible in the control center. These are other features that are not quite so useful as the reminders, but are still valid and worthwhile. For the stranded, there is a help function, but as of yet, I have not needed to use it.

Criticisms are mainly involved on the level of the necessity for this program. For users that are less computer aware, this may be a useful program to install. I would recommend this to the older generation that has not grown up with such technology. They would also find it worthwhile compared to the younger generations because they may desire or need to be reminded, as a result of their occupations, not their age.


I would use this product if I needed such a service. However, being one of the many that will not need this program, it has no use to me. For what it does, it does it very well.