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VIP Organizer

Submitted by Blessed12 on Fri, 2011-12-09 23:38.
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1.Very basic and user friendly. The interface screen is self explanatory 2.Enhances organisational abilities
It has limited features

VIP organizer helps one to keep track of their daily schedule by entering appointments and other important engagements and tasks. It also enables one to prioritise the tasks. Reminders are sent to the email address. This application may see some executive personal assistants lose their jobs as it assists in managing appointments, managing workflow and planning of personal and professional life.
The interface screen is very user friendly and it allows you to see all the scheduled engagements in one glance. There are options that help to categorise the engagements. Options for subcategories are also available. To add another engagement or task, you simply click on ‘Create Task’.
Multiple Database management is also an excellent feature of the application. The other advantage of the software is that the tasks can easily be exported to HTML, Excel, CSV and XML files. This makes the software easy to use in conjunction with other applications.
Product has a reliable support team and there is also information in user forums.


VIP Organizer is an excellent application for people with busy lifestyles and in some cases may eliminate the need for personal assistants