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"Skies of war" by Youdagames

Submitted by ceasaris1993 on Sun, 2011-12-11 05:24.
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1.Compared to other flash games, the skies of war has a good graphics. 2.The flight of your aircraft is easy to control. 3.The sound effects are good. 4.High Flying Action.
1.Its has a Short campaign and sp mission 2.Few number of aircrafts and enemy units. 3.Few number of weapons and bombs. 4.Not challenging AI 5.Small map

It was a long time since I played skies of war and I when I played it again today I cant stop getting addicted to this game.

For me its a good game since I like to play war and shooting games. The only thing that I really want to happen about this "Skies of War" is when are they going to release part 2. Im not contented with the short campaign. Even the single player mission is a bit short. I would also like to see more new aircrafts,bombs (like napalms and etc),enemy units and bit more of a challenging campaign.

The map is also small for a game which includes flying around. And the enemy airfield? why its so easy to take down with a couple of papers. Im sure youdagames will consider this.

But still if you want to play some high flying action and bombing runs, the skies of war is not bad to begin with.


To begin with, Skies of war is pretty good game. Although it has a short campaign, the game is still worth playing. With more missions,aircraft,weapons,bombs,enemies and a challenging campaign, Im sure that the Skies of war will continue to entertain others.