Dropheads Review

Quite good for killing a few minutes

Submitted by imarealboy on Tue, 2011-12-13 03:29.
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Colorful, easy to follow
Gets boring after few minutes, need more 'kick' if you know what I mean

Let start with the game play which is pretty simple easy to follow. The graphics aren't so bad, very colorful and quite a decent kid games. For a puzzle type game I'll say a good game but after playing it for few minutes I got bored. Not much changes happening from one level to another. Only a few new heads unlocked after each level in the beginning that has new uses.

This is a quite good game as the person who is playing it will develop speed on solving problems in this case color matching because there's somewhat a time limit to finish each level. That's a plus from this game so it is both entertaining and educating at the same time.

The concept of color matching game has been around for quite sometime so it is hard to develop or create such an improved game that is very addictive and entertaining. The wheel doesn't need reinventing it needs to be improved. And certainly not much of improvement on this one for sure.


An average that is quite engaging the gamer. Good for young kids who doesn't get bored easily and like colorful stuff.