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Final Fortress - by Youdagames

Submitted by ceasaris1993 on Tue, 2011-12-13 14:59.
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The game has good graphics and sounds. I find it challenging to play the game, so you must be very good to finish it all along.
Some field units are "mysterious"-- I dont know if they are actually gun turrets or cannons, they have the same ammunition. Enemy AI needs more improvement.

Im going direct to the point here.

Final Fortress is a type of game where you need to defend your city from attacking enemy units using a big cannon called WTDX 4244 (such a fancy name)and some weapons and building upgrades.

The things that i want to comment about are as follows:

First, the ammunition that comes from the 3 field units are the same. This includes the gun turret,bio cannon and the grenade launcher. From their names, the weapons are different, but their ammunition is the same, an IRON BALL. What I mean is, would it be good to see different type of ammos here?

Second, the WTDX 4244 cannon is not for long range engagement. I mean, its your main weapon but its very weak. It has a short life and is easy to hit and it cant also hit enemies from a far distance.

Third, the barriers protecting your units from the enemies are epic! I mean, they are sure protecting you from enemies getting close, but it cant protect you from enemy fire. You cant also build and repair them.

Well, I dont mean to be harsh but final fortress doesnt entertain me thoroughly.

But still, with a nice graphics and sounds its still a decent game to play with some starters.


A decent game to play with and a challenging gameplay.